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Archive: January 17th, 2009

January 17, 2009: Saturday! COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!!! 24 Hours!

  Well, just another day until they start on the farm.  YAY – I am excited.  I didn’t think this day would ever get here.  But, here we are.  Staking it out tomorrow and digging on Monday.  Then concrete should be flowing by the middle of the week.  That is what I am being told.  So, let the countdown begin!!!!

  It was cold this morning.  Not bitter cold, though.  Temperatures were in the teens.  Windy, though.  We had to run up to the farm and winds were gusting over 30 mph.  It is always windy up there!  That is why I love being on top of a hill.

  Joey is having a friend in for the weekend.  Ressey.  We went to the farm this morning to bring my dad some heat lamps.  One of our pipes froze a month or so ago.  My dad was getting it fixed so that the workers have running water.  Everything is fixed now!  So, we are good to go.

  After we went to the farm we went to eat at this new restaurant by the mall.  We thought it was open.  It wasn’t.  I remember now that Tommy told me it would be another month.  Looks like it might be a good place to eat.  We ended up going downtown.  Drove by the river and noticed there were a lot of birds in the water.  Looks to me like it would be cold out there!  Guess birds are protected by their feathers.

  I see John Logeman has FaceBook now.  Now we have to get him to load some photographs!!!!


Joey and Ressey


Cold birds on the Ohio River


It was my lucky day doing laundry.  I found $2.  I guess I should do laundry
more often.


The new restaurant that isn’t open


Ohio River


Bird on the river this afternoon