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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » January 1, 2009: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!
Thursday, January 1st, 2009

January 1, 2009: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

  WOW – another year?  Man, it seems like we just celebrated 2000.  Now it is 2009.  Almost a decade has gone by.  CRAZZZZZZZY!

  Everyone is having a great time down here in Florida.  Tony, Joey, and myself have colds.  So, we are trying to get rid of those.  Uphill battle I am afraid!  Running all day and into the evening – sort of wears you down!  Today is a slow day though.  We are saying in for the most part.

  The celebrations at MGM last night were awesome.  Fireworks everywhere.  Tens of thousands of people.   🙂  It was packed.

  Kristy came to visit us in the afternoon and stayed into the evening hours.  She made it home by midnight, though.  Short visit but a good one.  Always nice to catch up with friends.

  I think the kids had a blast yesterday.  The 11:30 Tyler had fallen asleep on my lap as we waited for the fireworks to go off.  He was wide awake once they did start shooting up into the air.  🙂  I am pretty sure everyone slept good last night.  I don’t think I woke up even once.

  We are here for a few more days.  Leaving on Saturday.  Looks like some rain or snow next week for my region back home.  Models are absolutely all over the place with the track of the low.  Some show a mega storm in the Ohio Valley and others show the storm moving over the Southeast Coast.  If we can get the storm to track through Tennessee then we might end up with a mix of snow and ice.  Stay tuned.  🙂

  Some photos from New Year’s Eve at MGM


The day started at 6:30 in the morning.  Yes, I did say 6:30 in the morning.  lol  It was
worth it, though.  We were able to ride all of the good rides without crowds and lines.  If you
don’t get there early then you can have 2-3 hour waits. 


Kristy and Joey (Kristy lives in Jacksonville, FL)


Me and Kristy


Tyler with his fish buddy


Danielle with her fish friend, as well 🙂


Danielle and Beau


Danielle and Deena riding one of the rides at MGM


Tyler and Danielle – MGM Studios


One of the many shows we watched



Deena – Danielle – Dylan – Tyler (Tony wasn’t feeling well)



Tyler and Dylan walking around MGM Studios


Tyler dressing up at one of the gift shops after a roller coaster ride


This was the best restaurant – everything is made to look like "moms kitchen"  It is supposed to be a 1050s
type setting.  We had a blast.


The kids with our waitress





Kristy – Tyler – Beau


The kids dancing in the street during the interactive street parade




Street parade






Dylan during the street parade



Deena and Danielle watching the Christmas light show


Tyler ready for New Year’s Eve 2008


Tyler and Dylan


Kristy and me







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