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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » January 19, 2009: Cold morning with flurries. Hauling equipment to the farm.
Monday, January 19th, 2009

January 19, 2009: Cold morning with flurries. Hauling equipment to the farm.

  Well, it was cold outside this morning.  Not only was it cold but it was windy!  Winds up on the hill were gusting in the 30 mph range.  It also snowed a little bit across Southeast Illinois and Southern Indiana overnight.  1-2" were reported near Evansville.  I noticed a little bit of snow on one of the frozen ponds up in Massac County.  Nothing on the ground, so it must have flurried this morning.

  We might get another clipper tonight – light snow or flurries.  Could be a dusting in some areas. 

  They hauled equipment up to the farm today.  The wind was blowing so hard that they were not able to do measurements with the tape measures.  So, they did not dig today.  They are hoping to dig tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be a little warmer, although it doesn’t look much warmer.  Later this week we should warm into the 40s.  That will help.

  Looking ahead – might be some sort of ice or frozen weather event next week.  Still too early to determine precip type.  Something to keep an eye on.

  I worked at the old house today.  We are trying to get it cleaned up.  It has been empty for a year.  So, needless to say – it needs some work.  I cleaned out the bathtub!  The workers are going to be staying in the house while they build mine.  Then we will tear the old house down.  The basement has flooded several times and it isn’t in very good shape.

  I also flagged the area where my 10 meter tower is going.  This tower will hold my weather instruments.  Kelly is going to place it in the ground and concrete it.  My big tower – 50’+ will go more towards the west – hugging the big oak tree.  It will sort of be out of the way there and won’t be visible (since it will be right against the tree – near it at least).  That way it won’t be in the way of the western view.  That tower will hold my emergency management antennas, tower cam, and a few instruments.  Not sure when it will be placed in the ground.  It is a bigger project.

  Tomorrow they should start digging.  I am going to be up there on and off.  Then going to storage in Mayfield to get rid of some stuff we are not using.  We also are trying to rebox some items – clean up "junk" and get things ready for the big move later this summer.  The storage project will take several months.  Trying to do a little bit at a time.  Sort of hard when you have OCD!  🙂  I just want to do it all in one day!  lol 

  I had lunch with my friend John Logeman.  He was telling me about his wood cutting activities this morning!  Got to stay warm.  I promised John I would do a snow dance tonight.  We will see if that works in our favor.

  Deena and Tony are packing.  They sold their house.  It was off the market but someone came back that had looked out it a few months ago.  They will be moving out in the next few weeks.  They are going to build in Mayfield.  I have a feeling Tony is going to be extremely busy in the coming months.

  Deena sent me this photograph/sketch of what their house is supposed to look like.

The house Tony and Deena are planning on building down in Mayfield


A cold morning in Illinois – no snow on the ground, though.

Cleaning up the old farm house.


Unloading the car – cleaning "stuff" 🙂


The old bathtub was in horrible shape.  I think that well water is leaving a lot of iron and
sand behind.  Anyway – time to clean it up!


Better!!!  After a good cleaning.  At least we can take showers now (although at this time
it is just hot water running out of the tap).  Bobby is going to fix that problem.


Hauling in the equipment to pour the foundation.


My 10 meter tower.  This will hold my weather instruments.  It will be placed behind the
house towards the south/southeast.


The "beginnings"  of the foundation 🙂


And finally – Miss Daisy trying to sleep this evening






Some newspaper headlines from this morning







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