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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

January 20, 2009: Posting from the farm! First day of construction!!!!!!

  Well, it is a very exciting day! 

1.  We have a new president!!!!
2.  We had our first snowfall of the season!!!!
3.  They have officially started construction on my house!!!!

  We had snow this morning – our first snowfall of the season.  That brought a big smile to my face!  I have been waiting forever for our first flakes.  We had a solid dusting in Lone Oak (about .10-.20").  The ground was fairly white.  Let’s hope we can get some more snow next week.  There are several potential systems that I am watching.  Too early to know if they will bring us rain – ice – snow – or a mixture of all three!

  I shall keep hope alive (as always) for a snowstorm of some sort next week.

  I am posting from the farm…on my wireless Verizon card.  Not the best connection, but better than nothing!

  They officially started on my house foundation this morning!!!!  They have the backhoe running and dirt is flying.  This is the first day of construction.  So, I am very excited to say the least.  Looks like they are moving along.  They are currently trenching where the foundation will go.  I will post pictures later tonight.

  Also very exciting today – we have a new President.  Regardless of whether you voted for him or not I think it is exciting that we have a new leader.  I just hope that he can handle everything that is being handed to him.  There are extremely difficult days ahead of us.  If we can stay out of a depression then I think we will have accomplished something.  So – good luck Mr. President Obama! 

  I listened to President Obama’s speech on my satellite radio inside of my car.  I was able to connect to the internet on my laptop and watch the swearing in on Fox News streaming video – no sound on that but the sound from the satellite radio was also Fox News.  So, that worked out nicely. 

  I have to admit that I am excited to see change.  The last eight years have been long and hard on thsi nation – love him or hate him – President Bush had his hands full and this country has been to hell and back twice over during his two terms. 

  We are bringing the big antenna tower up to the farm tomorrow.  This is the 55′ tower.  Dylan, Tony, Joey, and my dad are going to help – along with a couple of Dylan’s friends.  I will be happy to get it up here.  Then I have to contact Barry (one of Jason’s friends) – who is going to install it. 

  Also signing up my farm address today at the post office.  In order to get mail here on the farm I have to go by the post office and register my name and personal information!  So, I am heading to the Metropolis Post Office after I leave here.  Then it is on to Paducah where we are renting a U-haul.  We are trying to go through our storage and get rid of stuff (easier said than done) we can’t use up here on the farm or won’t have room for.  Downsizing a bit means that we have to get rid of clutter!

  Thursday Hughes electronics will be up at the farm and will install satellite television.  I figured our workers would like to watch television at nightI also talked with Verizon North today (they are the phone provider) about getting phone service.  I think the biggest question that I have is can they install a T line for internet.  There seems to be mixed opinions on that subject.  We shall see.  I hope so.  🙂

  More later!!


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