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Archive: September 8th, 2007

September 8, 2007: Canada? Kristy? Giant Marshmallows.


  I made a cool slideshow of Dylan’s football game last week.  🙂  Still learning to use this software.  You can view it by clicking here



  2 PM – Rain in Lone Oak!!!!!

Ok well this post has nothing to do with giant marshmallows.  I just wanted to throw that in.  I used to buy those mini-marshmallows when I was a kid (okay well I was an adult but whatever).  I enjoyed eating a few of them…okay all of them – the whole freakin bag.  That is why I don’t buy them anymore.  Sometimes in life it is better that we don’t get the whole bag of marshmallows…but rather just a few.  Speaking of giant marshmallows, I had a dream this morning that Daisy was pregnant.  That is all we need…a bunch of little bubbasparkydaisy’s running around.  Anyway that has nothing to do with the way this Saturday Morning is going so far.

  A great Saturday Morning!  Rain is on radar – AGAIN!  NOW if that rain would just move into MY county!  It seems to get close and then die off.  We did pick up around 0.30" of rain yesterday.  That was much needed rainfall.  So good good on that subject.  BRING IT ON!  That is my thought.

  I am leaving for Canada on Monday or Tuesday.  One or the other.  Flip a coin…draw a straw…pack my bags.  I am driving up again.  I don’t know why.  I guess because I like the freedom of having a car up there without renting one.  I also enjoy the drive.  🙂  I should arrive on Monday Night or Tuesday Night – depending on when I leave. 

  Kristy called last night and she is not feeling well at all.  Hopefully she will get better quickly.  She is going to Florida on Tuesday.  Let me rephrase that…she is moving to Florida on Tuesday.  Lucy is going with her.  Drew is extremely ill.  Kristy is going to help take care of him.  So we send all of our best wishes to Kristy and Drew.  Get better soon!

  Dylan lost his ballgame last night.  🙁  So that is no good.  You can’t win them all though.  I am sure they will regroup and move forward to win the next game!  I ended up not going because Joey was sick still and it was raining. 

  I am supposed to have a meeting with Glenda this afternoon from the Red Cross.  Not sure what we are talking about.  A little bit of everything from the way it sounded.  So I guess I will give her a call when she gets back in town…later this afternoon.

  Tony and I are having a big meeting on Sunday concerning New Horizons and the path forward.  We need to iron out some details on getting some more houses into the fold.  Soooo we are going to look over all the numbers and try to come up with a nice solution to complete phase one of our business plan.



  Packing for Canada 🙂  Yes those are hoodies!!!  
  Bring on the cold weather!  I am probably leaving on

  Okay I am almost packed.  I still have to get my camera equipment together…along with my school books.  I also need to get my computer stuff packed.  I at least have my clothes packed!  It is a start.  We have picked up 0.75" of rain!!!  More on the way!!!