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Archive: September 15th, 2007

September 15, 2007: Around the city…


  It was a great day in Toronto.  David and I met up with Andrew and had lunch and then went to see the movie – 3:10 to Yuma.  Great movie…if you like cowboys!  I liked it.   Would definitely recommend it to my friends.  It has been a long time since I have seen Andrew so it was nice to catch up with the latest from his life.  He seems to be happy and enjoying his "after university" experience.  We are heading back to Waterloo tomorrow.  I will most likely come back to Toronto at some point in the coming weeks.

  The weather was nice today…a bit cool but not too bad.  Perfect if you ask me.  I wore my hoodie…so it was warm for me at least.  We had lunch at Fran’s and that was my first time eating there.  It is a historic restaurant on College Street.  Andrew recommended we eat there…and so we did.  I had a late breakfast.

  We had dinner with Doug…and that was nice.  It was good to catch up on the latest happenings at RTC and with Doug himself.  Sounds like everything is going well.  He is staying as busy as ever.  I miss hanging out with him up here.  We have both been on our own sort of journey over the last few years.  Nothing wrong with that.  You still will always miss the old times though…but that is what they are "old times" – now we are making "new" old times! 

  David, Andrew and I walked over to Mutual Street…this was the third place that I lived when I came to Toronto back in 2000.  One of these days I am going to round up all of the photos of the places that I used to live.  That will take some work though.  I still need to photograph one of those places (the first place that we lived).  If I can even find it!  It was a long time ago.

This is Mutual Street.  I used to live here with six or
seven other people!  It is bigger than it looks but
not THAT much bigger!  Fun times though.  Lot of
good and bad memories.

Doug…Me…and Andrew on the right.

One of the buildings near the Eaton Centre.

Street performers at the Eaton Centre.  This guy with the flag came walking up and stood
there for awhile.