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Archive: September 18th, 2007

September 18, 2007: Happy Birthday John!


  Sooooooooo today is John’s BIRTHDAY!  He turns XX years old!  Okay so his age is a closely guarded secret.  Only some monks in the high mountains of China know the truth.  I will give you a hint though…it is between 20 years old and 100.  That is all I can say.  I will also say that he is younger than George Bush but older than Paris Hilton.  SOOOO ANYWAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!!!  Enjoy your day!

  Everything is going well in Waterloo.  The leaves are TURNING FAST!  I will let them turn a little bit more and then take some photographs.

  Doing homework most of today.  Real exciting.  A lot of math in this chapter as well.  I will get my grades tomorrow for two quizzes and two tests.  Let’s cross our fingers for at least a B and I guess we can pray for an A.  I just don’t want to get a C.  🙂

  Quiet weather across Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois.  My family tells me the weather has been coolish over the past week or so.  I am sure they are all enjoying that…especially after the horrible heat of the summer. 

  So other than that…I don’t know anything new!  I have not heard from Kristy or Queen Lucy down in Florida.  For all I know the gators got them both.  🙁  Hopefully they will contact us soon.  HELLLLLLO down there????

  Oh I almost forgot that we are going over to Germany and Switzerland next week.  I believe we are swinging through London as well.  Hopefully the weather will be nice (well my nice is rain and windy)!   Then I will be heading back to Paducah…early October.

  Dylan kicked butt at his ballgame on Friday Night…I believe the final score was 1000 to 0!  Okay well it wasn’t 1000 but closer to 47-0!  Dylan’s team won.  I believe Dylan scored one touchdown and had at least 4 carries and 1 pass (maybe more).  So great job Dylan!!!!!