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Archive: September 25th, 2007

September 25, 2007: Evening in Germany


  A chilly evening here in Germany.  Temperatures are now in the 50s with on and off light rain.  We walked to a nice little restaurant on the Bodensee.  I hope I spelled that correctly.  🙂  Nice sunset with all of the sunrays, clouds, and rain.  This is a little town…wouldn’t call it a city.  Probably smaller than Paducah.   Seems like a safe area though. 

  My sister called and said that there was heavy rain in Paducah.  This is good news since we are experiencing drought across my home region.  Looks like more rain through tonight.  So good news for that area!

  I took a few photos this evening…


Little rowboat on the sea

Sunset in Germany


September 25, 2007: Arrived safely overseas


  We arrived in Switzerland at 1 p.m.  Started the journey at 6 p.m. yesterday.  So not bad I guess!  The plane finally left the ground around 11 p.m. last night.  It was a bumpy flight…lot of bad weather.  I slept most of the time though.  I was worn out.   So we arrived in Switzerland safely and a car picked us up and drove us to Southwest Germany.  We are in the little town of  Radoltzen.  This is located about one hour from Zurich and it on a large lake.  There is some kind of festival going on in the area.  October fest I would imagine.  We are staying a small Inn named Christine.  There are residential houses around us.   Just starting to wake up here.  All is well.


Out the back door.

More later…going to eat