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Archive: September 12th, 2007

September 12, 2007: Revelations and the lady at the door…


  So this is how my morning started.  I know my sister will get a kick out of this.   I slept in until about 9:30 a.m.  Got up and took a shower.  After I took my shower I headed to the computer and clicked on the news to see the latest headlines.  My eyes got big at all the big news stories on the wire.  I was like yeesh what the heck is going on.  I read…

  • Putin dissolves government
  • 8.0 Earthquake hits Sumatra
  • Russia tests superstrength bomb
  • Israel bombs possible nuclear facility in Syria
  • North Korea and Iran supplying nuclear material to Syria
  • Oil closes at record high

  So I read all of that and to be honest I was a little bit freaked out.  Those are some serious headlines.  No more than 5 minutes passes and there is a knock at the door and the doorbell rings.  So I go answer it and this lady is standing there with a bible and starts to read a verse out of Timothy to me and Revelations.  She is telling me if I know why the world is in such turmoil and what is coming.  lol

  It was all a bit surreal!  I listened to her for about 10 minutes and was polite.  Took her literature, about natural disasters of course, and told her thank you.  So that was my morning!  Now I am sitting in a corner hiding.  LOL  🙂  I think I will avoid the headlines for the rest of the day.


  For those people who are "sold" on the whole global warming debate.  Perhaps you should look at this graph of temperatures from the last several hundred thousand years.  Cycles come and cycles go.  We are in a warm cycle now.  There are different versions of this map.  The problem is just how accurate is the data.  Some charts show that we are now in the warmest period ever – other charts do not show that.  Either way all of the charts do show a pattern of cold and warm cycles.  The bigger question is are we in a cycle now that is caused my mans pollution.

Global Temperatures




  Another beautiful day here in Waterloo.  The leaves are just now starting to turn.  It will be a few more weeks though until all the trees have color in them.  A few photos from this afternoon.

A few trees are starting to turn.

Beautiful day! 

Waterloo countryside – scenic!!!!  Temperatures are in the 60s today.

  David and I are going to see the movie Mr. Bean tonight.  I have been wanting to see this for awhile.  Joey is not a big fan…so David and I are going.  It should be a funny movie.

  Oh and I almost forgot – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE!  One day late!  🙂  ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!!!