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Archive: September 11th, 2007

September 11, 2007


  It is a beautiful day here in Waterloo.  There are a lot of cumulus clouds floating around but a lot of sun as well.  A strong northerly breeze is whipping up the trees in David’s backyard!  Beautiful day!!!!  Fall is definitely in the air.  It should be chilly the next few nights. 

  I spent most of the morning doing homework.  I actually was able to take my first test this afternoon.  I have one more to take before we move on to the next chapter.  I still have a few weeks until the BIGGGG test.  The mid-term.  Blah.

  I drove around the countryside for awhile this afternoon.  It is so nice out.  Scenic area.  It just amazes me how many large farms are scattered throughout this region.  Hundreds of them.  It makes you feel at peace though.  I am not sure why.  I guess just the simple nature of all of it.  Driving around I could see that the small school houses were letting the kids go home.  Most of these are Mennonites or Amish children.  The parents of some of the children pick them up in wagons.  So while you are driving down the country roads it is nothing to see a wagon with five or six children in the back.  They just watch as you pass them by.  A few of the kids wave.  Most of them are dressed in the typical Amish or Mennonite clothing…girls have pink on and boys blue.  Then they have their bonnets and hats.  They are so cute.  I wondered, when I passed them by, what they were thinking when they see all the cars zoom by them.  I wonder if they wonder why they can’t just ride in a car.  Wouldn’t it be faster?  That is what goes through my mind when I see them.  No telling what they are actually thinking.  I am sure they have a thousand other thoughts running through their little heads…maybe homework, chores at home, or perhaps they are just enjoying the ride in the back of their little wagons.

  Someone is selling tomatoes!  You see this a lot around this region.



  I think this tree is lonely.