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Archive: September 23rd, 2007

September 23, 2007: It’s a Sunday! FIRST DAY OF FALL!


  What is it about Sundays that make everyone tired?  Maybe it doesn’t make everyone tired.  Maybe it is just me?  I don’t know.  Anyway, it is ANOTHER disgustingly beautiful day here in Waterloo.  Not a cloud in the sky.  No rain.  No storms.  No snow.  Nothing.  Just a blue sky.  BLAH  Who creates this yucky weather???  Oh yeah.  🙂  heh  Well some rain would be nice.  Something to look at.  Snow would be even nicer.  Still a bit early for that.  Soon though…very soon!

  The leaves continue to change at a rapid pace.  You can tell a difference as each day passes.  By the time we return from Europe next week the leaves will be in their FULL GLORY.  I will be sure and take some photographs!

  I think Joey, for one, will be happy when I return home.  Since I have been gone he has become SO bored that he actually bought some GOATS for his dads farm.  So now he owns some goats.  Yeeesh…I better get back there and fast.  Next thing we will have chickens and cows in the backyard drinking out of the pool.  I already have squirrels to deal with…I don’t need chickens and cows.  WHATEVER as they say! 

  I am all packed for Europe.  Okay well almost all packed.  Close enough.  It is going to be COLD and WET!  YAY!  I am already happy about that.  Temperatures in Zurich are forecast to be dropping all week.  Rain chances each and every day.  My kind of weather.  Low temperatures should be in the 30s.  Maybe it will snow in the hills and mountains.  We can only hope and pray for such things.

  Congratulations to Sue on finding a house in Nashville.  I guess she will be packing her and Jacks belongings and heading south.  🙁  I will miss our lunches.  I suppose I will be visiting Nashville more often…and for that matter she will still travel north to see her dad in Illinois!  So not all is lost in the move.  I am happy though that she continues down her journeys path.  I will anxiously await all of her blog photos from Tennessee.  She won’t be moving until next March.  Course the way time flies that won’t be too far away.

  Kristy called and is doing fine down in Florida.  She advised me that the alligators had not gotten to her or Lucy.  I told her I would stop by when I am hurricane chasing.  🙂 

  Tony is looking for land in Northern Graves County.  THAT HILL has to be SOMEWHERE in Western Kentucky.  I am not going any further south though.  He is looking across the Northern part of Graves County.  Near the McCracken County line.  I think we have been looking for a hill since last year.  Maybe we will find it soon.  The goal is to have land bought by December.  That isn’t far away.  I guess we will see how this unfolds.  LOT going on!

  Today is the FIRST day of Fall!  That means WINTER IS KNOCKING AT THE DOOR.  WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!